Raspberry Pi Projects

Enclosure design for Hardware Crypto wallet | Raspberry Pi Zero

This is the enclosure designed to hold your cryptocurrency in a hardware wallet. The Enclosure Design has two main covers. We used M2.5 screws for the fitting and you need 8 screws to fix all components. (For more information about the screws please refer PDF file). For the Covers fittings, you must use an uncommon screw drive type to secure the device.

Please follow this link for the electronic information and Programming Click here. (We are not responsible for the electronic design)

Enclosure design for Raspberry PI

This is the design for the Raspberry Pi PCB. Inside of the enclosure has PCB and Fan (30mm x 30mm x 10mm). This is a user-friendly design. You can put it anywhere (on a flat surface) and easily access all ports. Inside has 1 fan and Raspberry Pi PCB.

(Video was made for the advertising. We have to do some adjustments for the 3d print to improve the strength & stability of the enclosure)