Enclosure Designing

PCB Enclosure / Case Designing Service

We offer a PCB cover or case design service that is compatible with both plastic and metal productions. The method of production varies depending on the material and quantity being produced. The advantage of using plastics is that they allow for the creation of more intricate shapes and complex enclosures with undercuts during the manufacturing process. However, there are limitations in the metal products manufacturing industry, which is why many people opt for plastic for mass production. If you are looking to make a metal cover with a complex shape, the best option would be to use the Die punch mold method, as this provides a fast production speed, while the other two methods have a slower production rate. For limited quantities, metal enclosures are often used. Before proceeding to the next step, it is important to decide which material to use. Photos of both plastic and metal enclosures can be found below this content.

Plastic PCB Enclosure

Plastic Enclosure

Sheet-Metal PCB Enclosure

Metal Enclosure

We have extensive experience in creating custom enclosures to meet your specific requirements. Our team has many years of industry experience and can provide recommendations on which production method would be most suitable for your project. To determine the best method, please click the "Production Type" button.

In order to begin the design process, we require certain information from you. Please click the "Requirements" button to view the necessary information and provide us with all the details requested. Additionally, be sure to take a look at our Gallery, where you can see many of the designs we have completed over the years.

Please contact us after you have gathered all the information. We can start the Design.