Sheet-metal Designing

Sheet-metal Designing Service

Our company specializes in providing design services for sheet-metal products, but we do not offer manufacturing services. Our team of expert designers and engineers utilize the latest technology and software to create precise and detailed designs for sheet-metal components and assemblies. Our focus is solely on delivering high-quality design solutions that meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients. Whether you need a small metal component or a complex sheet-metal assembly, our designers are dedicated to creating the best possible design to suit your needs. While we do not offer manufacturing services, we can provide recommendations for reputable manufacturers to bring your designs to life. Contact us today to learn more about our sheet-metal design services.

You need DXF / DWG files, PDF files (technical drawings), and step files to start production. So you need the DXF / DWG file to cut the CNC. You can use a CNC laser, CNC plasma, or CNC water jet machine to cut. PDF files that provide folding information, sheet thickness, and screw information. Finally, we will give you the STEP file (3d CAD file). This file will help you understand how to assemble the item and get an idea of ​​the look of the finished product.

Below, we show an example of how files show after you open them. For the example, we selected a sheet-metal enclosure design.

Here is the Technical drawing (PDF) look like 

Technical drawing

Top Cover Drawing

Bottom Cover Drawing

DXF file

DXF files

Sheet-Metal PCB Enclosure

Final product. (3D Render photo)

Download all files. (DXF,PDF,STEP)

These files will be helpful to you in understanding how this process works. We used raspberry pi 3 b plus PCB here. So if you want to make this enclosure, you can use these files for production. The sheet thickness is 1.5mm

Check out our Gallery. There have been lots of designs we have done over the past years.

What do we need to start the design?

Please Contact us after you have gathered all the information. We can start the Design.