Weldment Designing

Weldment Designing Service

Weldment design means steel fabrication designs. Why do you want to make a 3D design? If you do 3D design, you can get technical drawings, reduce material wastage send it to many manufacturers, and get quotations. We will provide you with technical drawings and 3D CAD files (STEP). If your manufacturer has a CNC tube cutter, you can cut complicated pipe fittings (joints) using that 3D CAD file.

Here is an example of how the CNC tube cutter machine works.

CNC Pipes and Tube cutting machine.

This is CNC Pipe and Tube cutting machine. You can cut complicated files on this machine

Check out our Gallery. There have been lots of designs we did over the past Years.

What do we need to start the design?

Please Contact us after you have gathered all the information. We can start the Design.